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Consilium Medicum, LTD, Rūpniecības 7-1, Rīga LV-1010 : companies :


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  2. 14.12.2012
  3. 14.12.2012
  4. Rūpniecības iela 7 – 1, Rīga, LV-1010
  5. 2022

Multi-profile medical institution

Medical clinic "Consilium Medicum" is a multi-profile medical institution where you can receive a full range of medical services, including the assistance of a cardiologist, pediatrician, urologist, proctologist, sexologist, gynecologist, ENT, surgeon, dermatovenereologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, allergist and other qualified specialists.



We were originally known as a medical center "Uniklīnika", specializing in a relatively narrow field such as the treatment of diseases of the small pelvic organs, but over time other specialists and doctors were also involved to provide complex treatment of diseases, and a clinic was established where ultrasonography, dopplerography, echocardiogram and other procedures were performed for clients.


Action and experience

In our work, we take into account the experience of our Western colleagues and regularly cooperate with medical and scientific centers in other countries, thus constantly raising the qualification of doctors and improving treatment methods.



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