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"CSK Steel", Ltd., Stacijas 6a, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101 : companies :

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Structures for machinery and grain holdings
Metal structures for construction
Building structures
Construction materials
Low mounting prices


  1. +371 63181575
  2. +371 26380825
  3. +371 63107095

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  1. 50003478051
  2. LV50003478051
  3. "Luminor Bank", AS
  4. LV24NDEA0000080039088
  5. 27.01.2000
  6. Tukuma nov., Tukums, Stacijas iela 6A, LV-3101

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  3. 4204-R
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Ltd. "CSK Steel" designs and manufactures steel bearing building structures. We also specialize in the production of lightweight steel framework with a tie in foundation, which significantly reduces the size of the building's foundation, costs and construction terms, resulting in faster building commissioning. 


Construction materials, building structures, metal structures, hangars,
structures for farms, structures for machinery and grain holdings,
structures for technical equipment, structures for cereal storage,
structures for warehouses, products, CSK Steel, metal structures for construction,
various types of metal constructions, structures for construction,
products we offer, In the Baltic States, In Scandinavia, In Iceland,
Germany, metal frames, no column, free span up to 50 m, low mounting prices,
cost-effective deals, design according to customer's wishes, calculations
according to local norms, lattice structures, large free spans more than 60 m,
special welded structures, better metal connection strength, design
of all these products, production, assembly, static calculations of structures,
quality control, metalworking field specialists, professional staff,
professionalism, competent employees, trained staff, quality, high-quality works,
quality criteria, designs steel bearing building structures, manufactures
steel bearing building structures, light steel frame structures,
constructions with a tie in foundation, engineers, three-dimensional
building structure calculation programs, design programs, automated detail programs,
compliance with building regulations, operational information, information
on construction creating, high productivity, structure quality, alternative
engineering solutions, qualitative constructions, construction production,
assembly of constructions, engineer technical solutions.

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