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D.C.S., LTD, Transport services, Austuves 3A, Rīga, LV-1063 : companies :

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International moving
Office movement
Piano moving
Moving service
Belongings movement in Riga
Cardboard boxes for transportation of belongings
Professional transportation of furniture and other things
Professional services anywhere in the world
Ship transport, sea freight transport
Eksports, delivery of goods anywhere, logistics, moving
Oversized cargo transportation
Moving, assistant, professional moving


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Working time

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Legal data

  1. 40003802585
  2. LV40003802585
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV16HABA0551012460640
  5. 13.02.2006
  6. 13.02.2006

About the company

Our company specializes in moving apartments and office equipment, as well as moving heavy objects( pianos, safes, specialized equipment, machines, workbenches) . We have specially equipped transport and professional staff at our disposal. Moving works are managed by a qualified employee of our company, who will take into account the nuances of your order and supervise the entire moving process. Our services both in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia and Europe. We offer vehicles with a load capacity from 500 kg to 10 t. All cars have an international transport license.


International moving

Moving to another country is always difficult. The easiest way to do this is to entrust this process to our qualified staff. International relocation includes the following services:

  • packing things in the packages we offer;
  • loading into trucks, containers or wooden boxes;
  • customs inspection procedures for the shipment, if necessary;
  • if necessary, delivery to warehouse, port, airport;
  • transport - road transport, sea transport, air transport;
  • receiving shipments from warehouses, airports or ports;
  • shipment clearance services if required;
  • delivery to the customer's new address and unloading;
  • unpacking and collecting used packaging;
  • additional services - furniture assembly, temporary storage of belongings, special packing and transportation of works of art and antiques.



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