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Deicija, Ltd., Pērses 1, Baldone, Ķekavas nov., LV-2125 : companies :

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Slope reinforcement and care
Sports field installation
Road, square construction and care


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  3. 13.04.2007
  4. Pērses iela 1, Baldone, Ķekavas nov., LV-2125
  5. 2022

Territory improvement

The improvement and landscaping company will perform all the works related to the improvement of the territory from the project development to the implementation in nature. Smooth lawn, beautiful greenery, beautiful tree crowns, lawn watering and paved paths!



  • Improvement project drafting
  • Lawn installation
  • Greenery planting
  • Road and square construction
  • Construction of stone gardens
  • Garden and area cleaning and maintenance
  • Reinforcement of slopes and banks
  • Garden reconstruction



Landscaping companies. Greening, improvement, paving, pavement, sidewalk cleaning,
washing with high pressure devices, equipment, leaf collection, raking works,
grass, lawn, lawn mowing, territory improvement, planting, flower planting,
snow cleaning, saplings, planting of saplings, hedge installation,
hedge care, ornamental pond installation, water cascades, bush cutting,
undergrowth cleaning, soil milling, compact loader services, coast
reinforcement construction, reinforcement work with gabions, slope
strengthening with anti-erosion geomaterials, palisades installation,
black earth delivery, football field installation, improvement project drafting,
lawn, planting installation, lawn aeration, lawn fertilization. Road,
square construction, stone garden, garden and area cleaning and maintenance,
plant delivery, planting, tree crown formation, pruning, sawing,
tree cutting in hard to reach places, reconstruction of the existing gardens,
florist services. Lawn installation. Ditch digging. Gravel cleaning.
Excavation works. Hydroseeding.