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"DIZAINA GALDI", Ltd., K.Valdemāra 51, Liepāja, LV-3401 : companies :

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Custom-made exclusive wooden furniture
Design benches and other furniture
Kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, Children furniture
Custom-made home and office furniture
Manufacture of precious wood furniture
Manufacture of furniture and sawmill services
Furniture for home, for office, For hotel
Dzenītis. Furniture production in Liepaja region
Indoor furniture and garden furniture sets
Exclusive furniture from Kurzeme
High quality classic and modern furniture
4 Unique color and texture benches
Solid wood furniture - oak, poplar, aspen, fir, elm
Custom made furniture
Bench, table, chair ordering by individual sketches
Furniture making for bars, for shops, for cafes, for hotels, for hairdresser's
Furniture design, Production, Trade
Natural wood furniture
Art deko furniture
Furniture made in Latvia
Oak, balsam poplar, Canadian aspen, spruce, elm, red elm tables
Unique design tables
Solid wood tables, kitchen equipment
Solid wood table tops
Oak and other precious wood tables
Custom made tables
Kitchen tables and chairs
Wooden kitchen furniture

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  5. 03.07.2013
  6. Nīcas nov., Nīcas pag., Pērkone, "Pērkones Zvejnieki", LV-3473


„DIZAINA GALDI” is engaged in making custom-made solid wood tables made of one piece of wood. Each table is unique in its design, color, texture, and a distinctly visible annual ring twine. The trees used for making the tables are specially selected and chosen, and often even centuries old. The drying of trees takes several years. As a result, ready-made tables and other interior items last for generations. Design solid wood, oak wooden tables. Design. Design Furniture. DESIGN TABLES make table tops from: oak, balsam poplar, Canadian aspen, fir, elm and red elm. 


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