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Power packs
Electrochemical breathalyzer CA 9000 Professional SG
Powerline data transmission with Powerline technology. Powerlain devices plug into standard electrical outlets, allowing data flow to connect to different parts of the building.
Cables and plugs
Data carriers - Hard Disk Drives HDD Specialized for Video Surveillance, Micro SD Cards
Mini PTZ camera
Analogue intercoms
IP camera Hikvision DS-2CD2T42WD-I8. Resolution 4 Mpx. Night visibility up to 80 m
Wireless alarm system DSC Neo
Eldes wireless GSM alarm system
Wireless GSM security system- EPIR3
Professional Eldes GSM alarm panel
Router with WiFi function hAP ac lite (RB952Ui-5ac2nD), Mikrotik
POWERLINE network adapter 1000 Mbps Pas-Thru / PLA5256 Zyxel (set 2 pieces)
IP intercoms, call panels, monitors and access control.
Breathalyzer AlcoSafe KX-6000s-4
Breathalyzer AlcoSafe KX-6000s-4
4G or LTE cellular network router-modem SXT LTE (RBSXTLTE3-7)
Assembly materials
10 port switch 2 Gb + 8 PoE+ 100Mb ~ PB3-SW08-TP120
IP Camera Power Supply - POE Injector for combining power and data stream into a single cable.
PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom. Model SD50220T-HN Dahua
Alarm sensors and transducers: PIR sensors for motion detection, smoke detectors, magnetic sensors for door and window opening.
Computer network equipment


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About the company

We offer goods and services for security solutions. We are engaged in both trade and project development and implementation. We specialize in video surveillance, as well as supply systems for alarm and access control. We employ experienced and certified specialists. We will provide advice to help you find the most suitable and advantageous solution for you.

Product groups

  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm
  • Access control, intercoms
  • Other security systems
  • Breathalyzers



  • Design and estimation of video surveillance systems
  • Consulting. Demonstration of equipment.
  • Breathalyzer calibration



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