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Elektriskie-mērījumi, LTD, K.Valdemāra 157-209, Rīga, LV-1013 : companies :

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Electrical measurements
Electrical measurements
Electrical installation insulation resistance measurements
Measurements of total resistance of the "phase-to-zero" loop.
Earthing resistance measurements
Earthing continuity link resistance measurements
Resistance measurements of lightning protection system elements
Checking electrical wiring contacts with a thermometer
Checking electrical wiring contacts with a thermometer


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  2. 20.12.2017
  3. 20.12.2017
  4. Turaidas iela 110 k-3 – 77, Jūrmala, LV-2015
  5. 2023


LTD "Elektriskie mērījumi" 2017. was founded by a certified engineer. The company will help to obtain information on the actual condition of the electrical network and electrical equipment. Timely measures Measurement of electrical networks and electrical equipment will make it possible to identify defects and damage that can lead to emergencies and cause fires. Our goal is to offer the customer the best possible solution and be satisfied with the service received - in the desired time and amount. We work all over Latvia.



  • Commissioning of electrical installation of industrial facilities;
  • Commissioning of electrical installations of public facilities;
  • Commissioning of electrical installations in multi-apartment buildings;
  • Commissioning of the electrical installation of a private house;
  • Commissioning of apartment wiring;
  • Earth resistivity measurements( for substations) ;



Electrical measurements, Electrical resistance measurement, Thermal chamber inspection.

Measurements, electrical measurements, technical documentation, electro audit, load determination, input protection apparatus, ( IAA) current magnitude. Electrical resistance measurement, electric installation, wiring, building commissioning, thermal camera, thermal cameras, thermal chamber inspection, checking for contact connections with a thermocamera. Cycle phase zero. Protection trigger measurements. Insulation resistance. Insulation resistance measurements of wires and cables. Cable insulation resistance measurements. Line insulation resistance measurements. Electrical installation insulation resistance measurements. Electrical resistance measurement. Contact transient resistance measurements. Grounding devices resistance measurements. Electric equipment, grounding device and ground wire or metal link continuity resistance test. Periodic measurements of electrical resistance. Checking the wiring contact connections. Lightning protection system tests. Lightning protection. Electric network parameters quality testing and analysis. Tension, current, power, electricity consumption, frequencies, cos fī, fluctuations
, average and maximum values. Light level measurements, ( Lux) . Indoor noise level measurement. Outdoor noise level measurement. Noise level measurement in the work environment. Vibration measuring.