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Legal data

  1. 04.11.2004
  2. Rīga, Sila iela 1A, LV-1057
  3. 2018
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Our business areas are high-voltage network construction, low voltage and medium voltage network construction, telecommunication network construction, energy industry and construction. 


Electric installation, Measurements, Insulation.
Construction, construction, electric installation, construction works,
construction services, repair, repair works, insulation, building insulation,
designing, installation, Empower, repair works, internal and external
electrical installation works, electrical and engineering-technical systems,
communication, electricity, electrical measurements, preventive check-ups,
air duct lines, cable lines, 20 kV, 110 kV, 330 kV, substations,
feeder points, lighting, cable repair, transformers, low voltage,
electrical device repair works, automatics, overvoltage protection,
maintenance and exploitation works, telecommunications, communication masts,
optical cables, masts, towers, ADSS, OPGW, cables, estimate, telecommunication
system and network construction, lightning protection, engineering structure,
engineering communications, high voltage, medium voltage, reconstruction,
safety systems, security systems, alarm systems, fire-extinguishing systems,
technological equipment, energetics, industry, energy building, measuring equipment,
pipeline systems, hydrotechnical structures, automated control systems,
mechanical equipment, assembly, concrete surfaces, heat production plants,
fire detection and alarm systems, telecommunication networks, video surveillance systems,
mobile communication towers, medium voltage substation, high-voltage overhead line,
high-voltage cable line, high-voltage substation, radio communication base station,
restoration, repair, electro networks, electric facility exploitation,
electrical installation works, wiring, low-current, voice alert system,
low-voltage networks, installation and maintenance works, fire safety automation systems,
power supply, alarm installation, security alarm systems, electrotechnical measurements,
video surveillance camera, video surveillance cameras, video surveillance,
video surveillance cameras, electrical distribution networks, video
surveillance installation.

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