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"EMT", Ltd., Jelgavas 42, Rīga, LV-1004 : companies :

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WERMA - signaling equipment
EXLAR - linear actuators
"ELMOTO1" motorcycle with an electric drive


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Electric Mechanical Technologies. ElectricMotorTango. We give energy to your business! We make the engines run just as much and at the time needed. Problems with water supply, sewerage, circulation, ventilation and heating are often caused by incorrect process control. How are processes managed today? It is a matter of electricians, automation, to create a properly functioning system. We are needed by everyone who has at least one electric motor. Did you know that there are only 10% of electric motors in the world that do not require any control? The process is measured by sensors that provide information about the current situation. Information needs to be gathered, analyzed - based on the results make the right decisions. Who can do it 24/7? Only electronic devices that have been installed and adjusted by an electrician from EMT - Electric Mechanical Technology. As a result, the process is managed efficiently and you get comfortable living conditions at the lowest possible cost. 


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