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Essve Latvia, LTD, Rēzeknes 5a, Rīga, LV-1073 : companies :

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  2. LV41503083698
  3. Rīga, Rēzeknes iela 5A, LV-1073
  4. 2020
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Anyone who invests in ESSVE fastening technology invests in the safety of themselves and others. Since 1970. professional craftsmen of the year choose our safe fastening solutions. Our goal is to become the customer's best choice. We make our customers' daily lives easier, safer and more cost-effective. Our wide range of products covers everything from the most common nails to innovative solutions for heavy-duty fasteners in wood, concrete and steel. A sense of security permeates our entire product line, which includes quality, functionality, experience and availability. ESSVE quality. Quality is very important to ESSVE. Our customers can be confident that our products are functioning properly and complying with legal and regulatory requirements, that we are delivering our products on time and delivering exactly what we have promised. You will always be provided with the highest level of service and support you need.


Mounts, screws, rivets, sealants, construction forgings, nails,
dowels, pneumatic nailers, compressors, bolt-screws, adhesives,
sealants, fire safety seal, Fireseal. Electric tools,
assembly foam, anchors. MILWAUKEE electric tools, accumulator tools,
pneumatic nailer. Hand tools, work tools, trade of electric tools, construction tools, construction tool trade, sale of tools, sale of construction accessories, tools.


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