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EXTRA saimnieks, LTD, Real estate services, management, Sēļu 10, Mārupe, Mārupes nov. LV-2167 : companies :
EXTRA saimnieks, LTD, Real estate services, management

EXTRA saimnieks, LTD, Real estate services, management

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Real estate management
Residential house, building management, maintenance, cleaning
Room, daily cleaning of territories
Planting and landscaping


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  3. 02.06.2021
  4. 02.06.2021
  5. Sēļu iela 10, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167

About us

A tidy environment is a caring owner's concern not only for his property in the long run, but also for creating a harmonious environment for himself and others! "EXTRA SAIMNIEKS" takes care of the arrangement of the environment in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way in customer properties throughout Latvia, from daily cleaning of the territory to such seasonal works as landscaping, lawn mowing, autumn leaf collection, snow cleaning and spreading of territories with anti-slip materials. Collateral: special tractor equipment, road transport, tractors, mini tractors, riders, professional cleaning products and equipment.


Main services:

  • Real estate management - personal manager
  • Servicing, maintenance, cleaning of residential buildings
  • Daily cleaning of premises, territories, washing works
  • Engineering service and repairs
  • Daily cleaning services
  • Lawn mowing
  • Collection of leaves
  • Planting and landscaping
  • Roof, gutter cleaning
  • Window and facade cleaning
  • Cleaning of territories, building plots, building territories
  • Earthworks on construction sites, cleaning after repairs
  • Snow cleaning and removal
  • Plumber, electrician 24/7, plumber services, electrician services
  • Emergency service 24/7
  • Disinfection
  • Energy efficiency solutions, recommendations

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    Building management, Real estate management.
    Management. Real estate administration, management, maintenance( commercial objects, industrial parks, apartment houses, houses, residential buildings) . Administrator, managers. Engineering support. Room, daily cleaning of territories, washing works, cleaning. Daily cleaning of stairwells, Window and facade washing. Room spring-cleaning. Neighborhoods, territory improvement, maintenance, arrangement. Interior, external communications maintenance, engineering technical equipment, engineering service and repairs, heating, ventilation systems, sewerage, water supply, electrician, plumber, emergency service 24/7, waste removal, emergency service, plumber services, electrician services, fire-extinguishing systems. Snow cleaning, removal. Anti-slip( sand, salt) spreading of materials. Lawn mowing, autumn leaf collection, road and ditch mowing, sidewalk and path cleaning. Territory brushing. Planting and landscaping. Plant care. Roof, cleaning of trough. Roof cleaning from snow, window and facade cleaning, territory, building plot, cleaning of building territory, construction site earthworks, post-construction cleaning. Disinfection. Energy efficiency solutions, recommendations.