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"Falkors building Industry", Ltd., Ropažu 140, Rīga, LV-1006 : companies :

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Works at height
Works at height
Work on facade
Chimney repair
Facade repair
Industrial climbing
Industrial climbing
Structures washing
Structure repair
Window washing
Assembly works
Advertisement installation
Tower covering repair

Legal data

  1. 46803000830
  2. LV46803000830
  3. "Norvik banka", AS
  4. LV14LATB0002010007374
  5. 25.06.1992
  6. Rīga, Ropažu iela 140, LV-1006

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  1. Ēku būvdarbu vadīšana
  2. 10421-R
  3. Aktīvs


The company was established in 1995 and successfully operates in the industrial mountaineering sector, offering building, construction and installation works at high altitude. The company's specialists have received to EU-standards compliant steeplejack qualification certificate that allows to take a leading position in Latvia in this area. 


construction works, assembly works, repair works, steeplejack practical training,
steeplejack certification, industrial climbing, works at height,
works at height, building renovation, building repair works, building
seam sealing with opening and cleaning, roof repair, roof painting,
roof covering change, building facade renovation works, window cleaning from outside,
window cleaning from the inside, window washing in high altitude,
window cleaning at hard to reach places, winter season height works,
building roof cleaning from snow, building roof cleaning from ice,
gutter cleaning from snow, soft covering establishment, wall decorative
insulation with brick imitation panels, storey loft conversion, plumbing works,
tree lowering, tree branch trimming at hard to reach places, tree
cutting under power lines, tree cutting at courtyards, non-standard works at height,
construction works for industrial buildings, repair works for industrial buildings,
inspection of hard to reach places, production workshop structure cleaning from dust,
stationary metal structure painting works, industrial brick chimney lining,
industrial masonry chimney repair, metal chimney painting, hangar repair,
hangar painting, hangar structure cleaning, workshop interior structure cleaning,
metal construction cleaning, metal construction painting, tank cleaning,
tank painting, assembly works using industrial climbing technologies,
demolition works using industrial climbing technologies, building insulation with panels,
mast painting, tower painting, elevator cleaning, bunker cleaning,
tin roofing, ventilation system installation, collective security system creation,
collective security system installation, individual work safety system equipment,
individual work safety system consultations, training of personnel for work at height,
certification of employees for work at height, training of employees
in the industrial mountaineering, employee certification in industrial mountaineering,
construction works in high-rise buildings, installation works in high-rise buildings,
installation works at towers, snaiping, facade repair works, painting works,
roof covering repair, roof reconstruction, wall insulation, advertising poster placement,
glass facade washing, wall cladding with steel sheets, facade cladding with steel sheets,
construction works from zero up to the key, construction works from 0,
cost estimates drafting for private houses, heating boiler installation,
water boiler installation, toilet bowl installation, shower enclosure installation,
radiator installation, heating system design, heating system construction,
sewerage system design, sewerage system construction, ventilation
construction in private houses, ventilation construction in industrial objects,
building renovation works using industrial mountaineering technique,
Mascoat thermal insulation, exterior trim panels, Termosnaige, wood plates,
Isoplaat plates, Isotex plates, wood fiber plates, rolling protective shutters,
external blinds, industrial gates, garage gates, Somfy gates, training
carrying out works at height above 1. 5m, training working on platforms
at height above 1. 5 m, training working on building roofs, training for climbers,
training for assembly work specialists, training for industrial mountaineers,
special equipment for work at height, security systems for work at height,
Petzl, Beal, Lanex, goods for active recreation, supplies for rock climbing sports,
industrial mountaineering equipment, mountain equipment, protective helmets,
carbines, brakes, landing device, forehead lights, fasteners and accessories,
rope compactors, pulleys, rope compressors, magnesia, magnesia bags,
stationary security systems, industrial mountaineering equipment,
rope for work at height, rope amusement park creation, cable amusement
park reconstruction, rock climbing activities in Bouldering training center,
safety equipment rental, rope rental, sportic outdoor recreation,
climbing equipment acquisition, coach advice, individual route creation,
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building insulation, designing, installation, facade works, rebuilding,
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window washing, snow cleaning, training for work at height, steeplejack training,
industrial mountaineering training, certification, equipment for work at height,
rock climbing, bouldering center, rock climbing sports club. training for work at height,
practical training in industrial mountaineering, roof insulation,
house insulation, exterior wall insulation, building insulation,
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insulation from the outside, work safety, labour protection, facade insulation,
occupational health and safety courses, work safety, roof replacement,
apartment house insulation, roof works, work security instructions,
safety systems, finishing works. Facade, roof washing, cleaning with
high pressure devices. High pressure cleaning of water main and sewerage systems.
High-pressure devices, guns, hoses, nozzles.