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"FK Industry", Ltd., Rūpniecības 3, Talsi, Talsu n., LV-3201 : companies :


  • 24 in july 2019, 20:21

    ❝Patīkama apkalpošana un kvalitatīva produkcija!❞

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  3. Talsu nov., Talsi, Laukmuižas iela 10 - 26, LV-3201
  4. 2019
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We are a metalworking company with a strong attitude towards the Swedish and English markets. Already we are quite recognizable in Latvia. We work on individual orders and adapt our clients. The works we perform: turning, welding, manufacturing of various constructions, welding of stainless steel and manufacturing of constructions. * We accept orders for all types of metal products. * 


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decorative metal products, metal parts manufacturing upon drawing,
metal constructions, non-standard metal structure fabrication, metal parts turning,
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metal bending, turning and welding, heating systems, heating system manufacturing,
fences, railings, metal construction production, stainless steel products,
heating system ordering, bathhouse furnaces, bath furnace production,
fence welding, fence production, brackets, bracket fabrication, stainless steel products,
stainless steel product making, picnic supplies, manufacture of picnic accessories,
decorative elements, production of decorative elements, grills, grill production,
grills on special order, curing establishments, smokehouses production.

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