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  3. Rīga, Duntes iela 10, LV-1013
  4. 2018
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„Geomatic” Ltd. was founded on 09.10.2012. Our main activity is geodesic and topographic works. In addition we are able to provide 3D laser scanning and geo-radar works, as well as any specific job that requires increased precision. 


Detail planning, Architecture designing, Engineering communications.
Surveyor, surveyor in Riga, surveyors in Riga, certified surveyors,
land surveying, land surveying, surveyor services, surveying companies,
topography, topographical survey, design needed, topography survey,
topo map, geodesy, geodesic works, geodesy services, executive measurements,
executive survey, performance of executive measurements, border surveying,
land cadastral surveying, road and square survey, volume and area gaugings,
executive measurements for documentation arranging, all kinds of utilities,
measurement and preparation of executive documentation, construction axis installation,
construction axis marking, delineation of buildings, delineation of building elements,
building location gaugings, building elements executive documentation preparation,
building and structure deformation geodetic monitoring, deformation monitoring,
height marks installation, rappers installation, 3D laser scanning,
structure 3D laser scanning for design needs, building 3D laser scanning,
laser scanning, laser scanning of buildings, georadar works, georadar,
georadar services, GPR, installation of engineering communications
in nature, scanning, search, underground communications surveying,
underground communications surveying, finding of treasure hidden in the ground,
engineering geodetic works, engineering geodesy, Detail planning,
Architecture designing, Engineering communications.

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