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"Gintus", LTD, Ozolnieki, "Aizupe 172", Ozolnieku p., Jelgavas n., LV-3018 : companies :


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  1. 40003688539
  2. LV40003688539
  3. 07.07.2004
  4. Rīga, Ausmas iela 13, LV-1006
  5. 2020


Using the most modern technologies and equipment, we perform surveying works, topographic surveying, engineering geodetic research works, survey of underground communications, digital and border surveying.



Surveying, geodesy, topography, land use, land boundary plan,
construction axis marking, executive schemes, boundary marking, land use planning project.
For cutting shafts, lower prices for bordering and other types of bundling compared to other service providers.
Riga is especially interested, Riga region, Ozolnieki, Jelgava, Jelgavas district.