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GM Engineering, LTD, repair of engines of industrial machinery, service, Akmeņu iela 41, Ogre, LV-5001 (iebraukšana no Vidzemes ielas) : companies :
GM Engineering, LTD, repair of engines of industrial machinery, service

GM Engineering, LTD, repair of engines of industrial machinery, service


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  3. 07.01.2019
  4. 07.01.2019
  5. Akmeņu iela 41, Ogre, Ogres nov., LV-5001


GM Engineering - a company with specialists with more than ten years of experience in the world of industrial engines provides Professional engines( motor) diagnostics, maintenance, repair. High-quality overhaul and maintenance of industrial equipment and tractor equipment. Provides off-site service, repair at the customer. The repair shop is located in Ogre, 41 Akmeņu Street.
Provides the necessary spare parts.


GM Engineering SERVICE services:

* Maintenance of industrial machinery * Overhaul of industrial machinery * Repair of tractor machinery * Repair of excavators * Repair of bulldozers * Repair of front loaders * Repair of asphalting machinery * Repair of hydraulic pumps( Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps and others)
* Repair of diesel engines * Diagnostics of engines, hydraulics, electrical equipment and running parts * Purchase and trade of spare parts * Mobile - On-site service, repairs at the customer's place throughout Latvia, the Baltic States


Important: MOBILE SERVICE SERVICES Field service services for tractor equipment and industrial equipment are provided throughout the Baltic area. They are carried out by qualified service technicians who come to your facility with a specially adapted transport-mobile workshop. The service transport is equipped with the necessary tools and special work tools in order to be able to perform technical repairs and maintenance in field conditions professionally.
Offsite service provides:
* Professional diagnostics * Full maintenance of equipment * Quality repair of equipment Each call is individual - depending on the scope and complexity of the work to be performed, it is assessed whether the necessary work can be performed at the facility, or whether the equipment will need to be transported to a service workshop.



Maintenance of industrial machinery( maintenance), Overhaul of industrial machinery, Tractor repair, Excavator repair, Bulldozer repair, Front loader repair, Asphalt equipment repair, Hydraulic pump repair( Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps and others), engine( motor) repair, Diesel engine repair, diesel motor repair, tractor machinery, repair services of industrial and asphalting machinery, repair works, repairs, fixing. Engine( motor) diagnostics, motors, starters, hydraulics, diagnostics of electrical equipment and running gear, Spare parts sale. Car spare parts. Mobile offsite service, repair throughout Latvia, In the Baltics. Welding works. Agricultural machinery repair, spare part renewal, production. Tractor repair. Tractor repair, repair in Ogre, Agricultural equipment unit repair. Combine repair, fixing. Harvester spare parts repair, restoration, making in workshop. Plow repair, renovation. Crop combine, grain harvester repair, tractor repair, hay rakes repair. Grain ventilated barrels, barrel repair. Combine header screw repair. Biters, biter repair. Combine concave, shaker, drum repair. Rural mower repair, Potato digger repair. Quarrying machinery repair. Feed grain mill repair. Concrete mixer repair. Road construction machinery repair, Grader repair. Bulldozer blade repair. Front loader repair. Excavator repair, bucket repair. Tractor repair. Mobile service - offsite service, repair throughout Latvia, In the Baltics.