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GPS partners, LTD, Measuring tools for builders, Allažu 4, Rīga LV-1005 : companies :
GPS partners, LTD, Measuring tools for builders

GPS partners, LTD, Measuring tools for builders

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Measuring instruments
Surveying shop
Measuring instruments
Surveying shop
Measuring instruments
Surveying tools


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  3. 18.05.1999
  4. 01.08.2003
  5. Allažu iela 4 – 31, Rīga, LV-1005


LTD "GPS Partners" is the official representative of Leica Geosystems in Latvia. Leica Geosystems is a world-leading positioning and geomatics technology company headquartered in Switzerland and offers a wide range of surveying instruments and solutions: measuring instruments( tachymeters, robot tachymeters, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, GNSS, GPS, GIS) ; 3D tools( scanners, laser scanners, 3D surveying instruments) ; construction tools( optical levels, laser levels, theodolites) ; tools for assembly work( cross lasers) ; tools for architects and designers( laser rangefinders, 3D rangefinders, scanners) ; surveying and 3D modeling software. We also offer instrument repair and calibration services in an authorized service center with the most experienced service masters in Latvia!


  • Levellers
  • Laser levellers
  • Tachymetres
  • GNSS
  • Metrology instruments
  • 3D scanners
  • Service of surveying instruments
  • Surveying instrument rental



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