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GRIFS AG, SIA, Apsardzes dienests, Ulbrokas, Rīga LV-1021 : companies :

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Security protective equipment systems
Security services
Security service in Riga, Riga district, near Riga
Security for the garage
Security for house
Security services for private houses and companies
Security service GRIFS AG
Security equipment for the house
Security car
Security services
Security systems
Security system design
Security specialist consultations
Analysis of the protected object
Parking security
Security system, Devices, Sensors, Security panel, keyboard
Security of apartments, summer houses and other objects starting from 10.27 eur per month
Smoke detector
Physical security
Football security
GRIFS AG security
GRIFS AG security systems
GRIFS AG video surveillance
Information center
Mass event security
Mobile security
Home, apartment alarm system
Property security
Emergency response crew call
Event security
Personal safety
Physical security of private persons
Control board security
Control board
Alarm systems
Alarm solutions
Alarm systems
Alarm installation in the house, in apartment, in private house
Sports event security
Territory security
Alarm button
Security of bicycle marathons
Video surveillance
Video surveillance, security video surveillance
Technical security for companies
Security company in Riga
Public event security
Office space security
Employee loyalty program
Technical security from Grifs AG
Technical security service
Technical security for companies, for private persons
Security technician
Security mobile group
Security Service Office Grifs AG, Riga Ulbrokas 426
Grifs AG security guards
Security duty part, control board security
Security hour
House, summer house security
Security company GRIFS AG
Security services
Remote video surveillance
Garage, warehouse security
GRIFS AG - family friendly


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  3. +371 67018111
  4. +371 27018111


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Legal data

  1. 40003585832
  2. LV40003585832
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV25HABA0551002517590
  5. 19.03.2002
  6. Ulbrokas iela 42G, Rīga, LV-1021

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Security company GRIFS AG was founded in 2002 in Latvia. GRIFS AG is the only Latvian capital security company operating in all three Baltic States, with more than 1,720 employees, servicing more than 23,600 physical and technical security facilities. SIA GRIFS AG is a company that offers and provides security / guarding services, focusing on the provision of preventive measures - risk analysis and determination of risk prevention methods. Customer orientation and the provision of quality services are the basis of SIA GRIFS AG's operations.


Security service, services. Houses, security of apartments and other
objects starting from 10. 27 EUR per month. Connection to security desk,
technical AND physical security, person escorting. Deficit elimination program,
mystery consumer, alarm response, shop, office security. Security system installation:
alarms, (wireless) access control, video monitoring, fire safety systems:
service, repair, technical projects, safety. Goods protection systems,
safety antennas, security gates, remote video surveillance. Control board security.
Security services. Security systems. Security service in Riga, security
service near Riga. House, apartment, summer house security in Riga district.
Technical security is available in Riga and near Riga region - Babite district,
Carnikava, Adazi, Garkalne.