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Intema, LTD, Exhibition place, Rīga, Cēsu 31B, LV 1012 : companies :
Intema, LTD, Exhibition place

Intema, LTD, Exhibition place

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Children's mattresses
Mattresses for children
High quality mattresses
Pull out sofas
Corner sofas
Furniture manufacturing
Furniture production
Interior items
Cafe sofas
Double-sided mattresses
Furniture salon
High quality mattresses
Pull-out beds
Upholstered furniture
Non-standard bed sizes
Advice on mattress choice
Furniture for cafes
Furniture set
Resistant mattresses
High-quality upholstered furniture
Furniture design
Furniture design upon order
Furniture for cafes
Double-sided mattresses
Quality double-sided mattresses
Corner sofas to order
Made in Latvia
Leather sofas
Children furniture
Children's cots
Furniture for children's rooms
Furniture for nursery
Furniture modules
Non-standard sizes of mattresses
Non-standard beds
Wall hangings
Children's cots
Custom-made chairs
Sofas for public spaces
Pull-out children's bed
Wooden bed frame
Pull-out bed
Sofa bed
High quality mattresses
Interior elements


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  3. +371 28111002


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Legal data

  1. 40103280006
  2. 15.03.2010
  3. 15.03.2010
  4. Kurzemes prospekts 130 – 9, Rīga, LV-1069
  5. 2022

About the company

LTD "Intema" and 2010. a company established in 2008, which deals with the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses according to individual orders. Therefore, each bed or sofa is non-standard, as it is made separately, taking into account the wishes of customers - size, shape, materials used, style and operating conditions. The company provides a full range of services: cooperation with designers, technologist consultations, surveying of premises, inspection of various furniture layout variants and 3D modeling. LTD "Intema" cooperates with leading European manufacturers of mattresses and bedding.



  • BedsBarein Devon, Linde Devon, Indi Devon, Round Forme, Royal Devon, Leon Devon, Royal Notting, Patricia Notting, York Devon, etc.
  • Children's beds - Bunny Devon, Cat Devon, Skyline Devon, Junior Notting, Panels Junior, Queen, Vocal Devon, etc.
  • Mattresses - Classic, MultiPocket, Universe, Hemp, Cuprum, Elite, mattresses for hotels and children, mattress toppers and pillows.
  • Upholstered furniture and accessories - sofas, chairs, poufs, wall panels, partition panels, etc.



  • quality and certified materials
  • experienced specialists in the furniture manufacturing industry
  • competent service and individual treatment
  • proportionality of price and quality



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