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Heating boilers
Heating boiler installation


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  3. 10.05.2008
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  5. 2020


SIA "INTREX SERVISS" has been engaged in the sale and installation of heating systems, boilers since 2003. annual. Our company employs experienced, highly qualified and certified specialists, which allows us to ensure excellent quality of work to be performed. The company has all the necessary licenses to perform the offered work. With us you will always receive free consultations: on the possibility of installing gas, heat pumps, firewood, solar collectors or liquid fuel heating; preparation of the necessary construction work estimates; The choice of gas, heat pump, wood or liquid fuel equipment is right for you.


Heating systems, Heating boilers.

Gas project development, gas network assembly, heating systems,
assembly, dismantling, chimney construction, steel flues,
ventilation systems, heated floors, warm floor installation,
liquid fuel burners, burner adjustment, solar collectors,
warm floor construction materials, heat, water tanks, all kinds of plumbing,
installation materials, pipelines, copper pipelines, heat pumps,
infrared burners, internal gas networks, external gas networks,
chimney sweeper acts for gas projects, installation of internal gas networks,
installation of external gas networks, heating system assembly, disassembly of heating systems, stainless steel flue manufacture,
installation of stainless steel flues, ventilation systems manufacturing,
ventilation system installation, installation of ground heat pumps,
earth heat pump assembly, installation of gas burners, adjustment of gas burners, installation of liquid fuel burners,
adjustment of fuel oil burners, installation of infrared burners,
infrared burner adjustment, plumbing equipment installation,
plumbing equipment assembly, solar collector installation,
solar collector assembly, gas heating boilers, liquid fuel fired boilers,
firewood heating boilers, hot water tanks, steel convectors,
steel radiators, aluminium radiators, aluminum convectors,
circulation pumps, ground heat pumps, earth heat pump system installation materials, gas burners, plastic pipelines,
multilayer ducts, solar collectors, gas heating system project development.