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Jana, LTD, Heating systems, air heat pumps, Kalnciema 119, Rīga, LV-1046 : companies :
Jana, LTD, Heating systems, air heat pumps

Jana, LTD, Heating systems, air heat pumps

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Air heat pump
Heating equipment
Heating boilers
Heating boiler repair
BAXI heating systems
Heating systems
Pellet boilers
Gas heat
Gas boiler maintenance
Gas project development
Heating pumps
Installation of heat pumps
Heat engineering, heating equipment
Heat networks


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Legal data

  1. 40003205270
  2. LV40003205270
  3. 08.07.1994
  4. 29.09.2003
  5. Kalnciema iela 119, Rīga, LV-1046

"Jana" SIA, heating boilers and heat pumps

SIA "JANA" experience in the heating industry since 1991. annual. Brand BAXI SpA, BDR-ThermeaGroup, Systema, UNICAL, SIME( IDEA), ARBONIA, COSMOGAS authorized representatives in Latvia. Wholesale and retail of heating systems, design, installation, commissioning, maintenance service. Cooperation with JSC “GASO”, SIA “Robert Bosch”, SIA “Uponor Latvia” and many others. We work all over Latvia. We are open to new cooperation projects. AIR HEAT PUMPS for heating and hot water production.


Air-to-water heat pumps, installation of heat pumps, Baxi, BAXI SpA,
atmospheric burner boilers, solid fuel, condensation,
pellet heating boilers, gas heat, installation, repair, construction,
service, technical maintenance, maintenance, designing, projects,
development, coordination, act, gas-pipe, net, certified masters,

Gas heating installation for private houses, pulling into the house, in apartment,
in industrial buildings, villages, in new buildings, in newly constructed building. Qualitative,
modern, high technology, the latest generation of heating systems,
Junkers, BOSCH, devices, equipment, Water heaters, electric,
boilers, boiler Design radiators ABRONIA, design, interior,
subjects, plumbing, plumbing, services, exclusive, trade,
trade, wholesale, consultations, SYSTEMA infra red radiant equipment for heating, heat supply, for industry, heat supply,
heat networks, halls, rooms with high ceilings, in agriculture,
greenhouses, Tube, multi-layer pipes, Uponor. Water supply,
construction, repair works, Heated floors, solar energy,
alternative, solar systems, solar collectors, hot water tanks.