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jF Tools, LTD, Online store of specialized and professional tools, Mūrmuižas 20, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201 : companies :
jF Tools, LTD, Online store of specialized and professional tools

jF Tools, LTD, Online store of specialized and professional tools

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Tools online store

"JF Tools" - online store of specialized and professional tools and work equipment - under its name combines world-recognized quality from leading brands in its industry. We offer a wide range of Milwaukee tools.

We approach work professionally, dynamically and with humor, providing the best service with the best attitude. Above all, we value communication and successful cooperation to achieve common goals.

There is no one person who knows everything, but we find answers and look for the best solutions for your daily tasks and problem situations. Simplifying and improving your working conditions, making your daily work more efficient, smoother and safer. Customers appreciate our service and service, we understand your needs.

There are two key words for successful work implementation - time and quality. The quality and productivity of your work is important to us, let the tools work for you!



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