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"JL Projects", Ltd., Gaujas 29 k.2-4, Rīga, LV-1026 : companies :

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Heat supply, Water supply
Heat supply, Water supply
Heat supply, Water supply
Heat supply, Water supply
Heat supply, Water supply
Heat supply, Water supply
Heated floors
Heated floors
Water supply, Sewerage
Water supply, Sewerage


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  2. LV40203032142
  3. Rīga, Gaujas iela 29 k-2 - 4, LV-1026
  4. 2019
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A specialist with 20 years of experience performs a wide range of plumbing, sewerage, heating, ventilation and conditioning works in a high-quality and fast manner. I assemble, equip, install and repair. Reasonable prices! Welcome to cooperation! I work all over Latvia. 


Heat pump, installation of ground pumps, repair, maintenance. Heating systems,
construction of heating systems for private houses, for apartments,
commercial premises. Heated floors, underfloor heating installation,
preparation of heated floors for laying pipes, binding of warm floors
to the water of any system, sewerage installation, distribution into points in bathrooms,
water quality testing according to the results of laboratory analyzes.
Water iron removers, water filters, water iron removers installation,
water filter installation. Granular boiler assembly, pellet boiler repair,
pellet boiler care. Heat pump repair. Heat pump installation. Heat pump maintenance,
plumbing works, plumber, heat engineering works, air-conditioner repair,
conditioning works.

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