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Jungheinrich Lift Truck, LTD, Rītausmas 23, Rīga, LV-1058 : companies :

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High rack stackers
Automated guided vehicle
Reach stackers
Diesel forklift
Electric forklift
Gas forklift
Loader rental
Truck driver training
Used forklifts
Lithium-ion batteries
Pallet trucks
Pallet racks warehouse systems
Annual inspection of shelves


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We want to work economically, ecologically and socially responsible. That's why we've set a goal of sustainability and innovation based on economic success. Sustainability concepts, which are adapted to the respective industry and market characteristics, are the most important part of our company's strategy.

About us

Company "Jungheinrich AG" is one of the world's leading manufacturers of forklift, warehouse equipment and material flow control technology. We are Europe's leading manufacturer of warehouse equipment. Since 1953. our company, headquartered in Hamburg, offers all kinds of products and services related to forklifts.



We take social and environmental responsibility. Sustainability concepts are an essential part of our company's strategy, from the environmentally friendly development of resources and energy-saving products to long-term cooperation with non-profit and non-governmental organizations.



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