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Kalnakrogs, LTD, Agricultural, communal equipment, Rīgas 107, Ķekava, Ķekavas nov. LV-2123 : companies :
Kalnakrogs, LTD, Agricultural, communal equipment

Kalnakrogs, LTD, Agricultural, communal equipment

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Bale shredders for animal feed
Forage preparation machinery
Equipment with anti-dust spray system
Mower chippers
Round balers, wrappers, grips
Cardan shaft assembly to order
AgriaHispania. Agricultural machinery trade
BELAFER forest cutter. Tractor machinery, animal husbandry techniques, utility machinery sales
BRODD street maintenance equipment. New and used machinery
CMN harrows and lawn seeders
COSMA Ditch Mower Shredders
DiRaimondo Stone Reader
EMILY cups with milling cutter
FRANSGARD rakes winders
GEPAVAL bird animal repellers
HiSpec vacuum drums
KAMT end mills
McHale 991BC Reel Wrapper
McHale Fusion 3 Combination Baler
McHale roll cutter
McHale baler
PERFECT mowers for orchards
PERFECT ZF mulcher
Trailers URSUS
Mowers Agrostroj
Spare parts CLAAS
SEKO horizontal feed mixer
SEKO self-propelled feed mixer
SEKO vertical feed mixers
SNOWLINE snow shovels
Teagle Tomahawk 8100
Teagle Tomahawk choppers for bedding and feed
URSUS tractors
Weasler cardans and their spare parts
AKPIL the plough
BRODD street and road cleaning equipment
CLAAS spare parts
CMN corn flex weeder
DiRaimondo Stone collector
EMILY buckets for removing feed from trenches
EMILY ladle for litter scoops
FRANSGARD rakes winders
HiSpec liquid fertilizer vacuum drums
KAMT tillers
McHale Roll Wrappers
Merlini straw and chip dispenser
SEKO feed mixers and dividers
SEKO self-propelled feed mixers and dividers
TOMAHAWK shredders dispensers for bedding and feed
URSUS tractors
Weasler drive shafts spare parts
Weasler drive shafts spare parts
Weasler drive shafts
ZDT animal transport trailers
Bale shredders for animal feed
Forage preparation machinery


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  6. Guntis Tīģeris
  7. +371 67937673
  8. +371 67935918


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Legal data

  1. 40003081732
  2. LV40003081732
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV53HABA0001408038078
  5. 07.07.1992
  6. 22.01.2004
  7. Rīgas iela 107, Ķekava, Ķekavas nov., LV-2123

About the company

LTD "Kalnakrogs" is in 1992. a company founded in 2008, which deals with the sale, rental and service of agricultural, horticultural, communal and environmental care equipment. The company is "MCHALE", "SEKO", "PERFECT", "TEAGLE", "FRANSGARD", "AGROSTROJ PELHRIMOV", "BM TRACTORS", "HiSPEC", "ETESIA", "COSMA", "SEPPI", "BERTI", "WEASLER", "CMN" and "CHARGEUR" the official importer of equipment in Latvia, while representing such manufacturers as "CLAAS", "LEMKEN", "MASSEY FERGUSON", "MASCAR", "FENDT", "AGRIC", "EPOKE", "URSUS", "D'AWINO" Group. LTD "Kalnakrogs" employees regularly update their knowledge in the production plants of the companies represented by the company.



  • Agriculture equipment
  • Gardening equipment
  • Communal equipment
  • Environmental care equipment
  • Home garden equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Cardans
  • New equipment in warehouse
  • Used machinery
  • Spare parts
  • Machinery for forest



  • MOWING AND CROPPING - cleaning up areas with a flail-type or knife-type mower / chopper
  • Excavator services. Planing, digging and other works with an excavator
  • SNOW CLEARING with a 3.2 m wide snow shovel
  • CARE OF OVERGROWNED AND OVERGROWNED TERRITORIES with mower / shredder VanWamel PERFECT LB-360, working width is 3.6 m
  • CROPPING OF BIOLOGICAL WASTE. Shredder volume 17 m³, the crushed mass is unloaded by a 3 meter long conveyor. Theoretical work productivity 45-50 m³/h
  • THRESHING CEREALS with Claas MEGA 204 combine harvester



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