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Kantiņi, Ltd. Processing workshop, "Vangas", Birži, Salas pagasts, Jēkabpils nov., LV-5214 : companies :

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BalticGreen lumuminised granite stone
Granite stone processing
Granite stone blocks
Granite stone blocks
Granite stone blocks
Granite stone grave curbs
Granite stone tombstones
Granite stone tombstones
Granite stone tombstone and curb
Granite stone tombstone and curb
Granite stone tombstone and curb
Granite stone sawing
Grant amphibolit granite stone
HallandiaarVredapelksarie red banded granite stone
Gray granite stone
REDWANG granite stone
Sopka buntina granite stone
SWEDISHBISHOP granite stone


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Legal data

  1. 45403012426
  2. 30.09.2003
  3. 30.09.2003
  4. "Vangas", Birži, Salas pag., Jēkabpils nov., LV-5214
  5. 2023

About us

The company was established in 2003. on 3. october. The company's specialization - processing of blocks imported from the Scandinavian countries and sale of products obtained as a result of processing in the Latvian market. We offer a variety of granite products for construction, interior design, sculptural works and monument workshops. There are options because the company works with eight-color granite. The company has purchased all the necessary equipment to ensure the stone processing process completely. Granite and boulder are cut, ground and polished on site, as a result of which the granite acquires a shiny surface, is easy to care for and protected from the environment. If engraving in stone is required, it is done by an artist.


The company currently has ten employees, and here the whole production process takes place, during which the raw material is transformed into the final product. We offer:

  • Stone expert and designer consultations
  • Measurements on site
  • Stone block( oversized stone detail) delivery
  • Stone cutting
  • Stone polishing
  • Stone heat treatment
  • Stone cleaning, treatment with special chemistry
  • Engraver services
  • Sandblasting text
  • Portrait engraving
  • Photo ceramics production
  • Delivery of materials to the facility( all over Latvia)



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