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Keramserviss, LTD, Podnieku 21, Ādaži, Ādažu nov. LV-2164 : companies :

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Ceramic equipment in Adazi
Heat-resistant materials
Fire-resistant cotton wool in rolls
Refractory bricks from 1260°C to 1760°C
Ceramic kilns in Adazi
Production facilities in Adazi
Keramserviss Riga, Adazi
Fire-resistant thermal insulation materials
Fireproof gloves
Keramserviss stoves
Keramserviss raw materials


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About us

"KERAMSERVISS" is an industry service company with experience. We are one of the leading companies in the Baltics, which operates in the field of heat treatment, heat engineering and fire safety.
We offer materials and the latest technical solutions in cooperation with leading thermal industry manufacturers. Our pottery and equipment store offers materials for potters, potters, art schools and groups.



  • Ceramic raw materials
  • Heat - resistant and refractory materials
  • Heating elements and control systems
  • Production and heat treatment



Equipment for hardening metal,
normalization, for melting and thawing, Furnace for ceramics annealing, Furnace for glass melting, Drying chamber,
electrode climatic chamber, Powder painting camera, Thermo equipment spare parts supply and production, Nonstandard equipment manufacturing,
Consultations about heat treatment facilities use,
modernization, Refractory and accumulating raw materials, up to 1425⁰C, Insulation materials,
Heat resisting wool in packs and rolls from 1100⁰C to 1425⁰C,
insulation modules, Wool blocks,
refractory plates, Nefalit, Loose vermiculite,
Vermiculite plates up to 1100⁰C,
High temperature insulating cardboard, Heat-resistant strings, lines, ropes, tapes, self-adhesive tapes, Refractory and insulating bricks, Refractory concretes, Construction mortars, Mastics, Putties and adhesives, Supplies for fireplaces, Materials for furnaces, for cookers, ovens, pizza oven. Heat resistant NT anchors,
Anchor systems, Anchors brick, concrete and wool liners, Anchors for non-standard solutions, Consultations about anchor system installation. Heat-resistant and reflective clothing and fabrics, gloves, jackets, pants, aprons, protective masks radiation contact up to 1000⁰C, contact temperature up to 900⁰C; heating elements for water, for oils, pellet boilers, air heaters, Tens, Resistance wires, ( KANTHAL, Nihrom, Fehral) SiC silicon carbide heating elements, Finger heaters, Cartridge heaters, Cuff and sleeve-type heating elements, Winding heaters, Spirals, Infrared heaters,
Silicone adhesive heating elements,
Barrels / buckets heaters, Heating tapes,
Silicone heating blankets and carpets, Technical ceramics, Ceramic pipes, Pipes with closed end, Bars, Insulators, Beads,
Contact ceramic blocks, Clamps, Heating element supports, Ceramic filters,
Ceramic shelves and spacers, measuring and control systems, Temperature measuring devices, Moisture measuring devices, Pressure gauges, Regulators, Controllers, Analog and digital measuring devices, Recorders, Signal converters and shunts, Automation control systems for thermal processes, Non-standard automation equipment manufacturing, Indications, Digital measuring devices, Analyzers, Gas analyzers, Solid-state relays( SSR) Magnetic starters, ( Soft) motor starter, Thyristors,
Triacs, Radiators, Ammeters, boiler house inspection and repair,
Consultations about choice of repair materials, Concreting works, Masonry works, Torcreting works, Boiler monitoring( temperature control on schedule), Calibration services,
Concrete part manufacturing, Concrete components heat treatment( drying),
INSTRUMENTS for Ceramics, Texture Rolls, Templates, Viscometers,
truncheons, Ceramic raw materials, Clay 1100⁰C, Angoba, Šamots,
Self-hardening clay, Kaolin, Stone masses 1300⁰C, Form gypsum, Model gypsum,
casting mass, Stone mass, Icing, Above glaze, Porcelain paints, Pigments, Acrylic paints,
underglaze, Precious metal colors, Porcelain mass, Potter's wheels, Turnetes, Table lathes,
Ceramic products firing, Augers, Clay mixers, Plastic rolling tables, Glazing cameras, Drying chambers, Equipment for ceramic workshops, Glass shapes, Glass paint, Glass for melting 96’ system; Thermocouples up to 1700⁰C,
Thermocouples fabrication and repair, Temperature sensors, Sensors, K type, J type, S type, Pt 100
resistive sensor, Sensors,
compensation wires,
thermal elements, Thermocouple protective pipes,
Thermocouple connection heads, Terminal blocks,
mounting brackets, Surface thermocouples,
thermocouples shells.