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  4. Sveķu iela 14, Rīga, LV-1084
  5. 2022

Land clearing

We, the company "Kokaugi", will qualitatively clean your land from trees and shrubs. The service - land clearing - is often used by agricultural companies that manage agricultural land, or reclamation of the drainage system. Reclamation ditches need to be cleaned periodically. Cleaning of agricultural land is also very useful for individual landowners. It must be taken into account, if the agricultural land is not properly managed, trees and shrubs are overgrown, the landowner may be penalized - land tax can be doubled. There are also situations where there are overgrown drainage ditches, beavers and dams that can flood not only farmland but also the forest and cause great damage. That is why it is very useful for individual landowners to use the service of “Kokaugi” company - to clean the land from trees and shrubs.

Woodchip production

The felled trees and bushes are taken to the side of the road, where a stack is created, a tractor and other agricultural machinery are used for this work. After that, the trees and bushes cut down on the spot are split with a wood chipper, this is how wood chips are produced.



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ditch cleaning from shrubs, ditch cleaning from shrubs, agricultural land purification,
chipping, re-cultivation cutter services. Undergrowth, brushwood,
shrubs, horizon. forests and felling areas, forest valuation and taxation,
Preparation of felling sites, tree cutting, sawing works, tree cutting,
Excavator services. Felling removal. Forestry machinery.