"Kripto", Ltd., Geological exploration company

"Kripto", Ltd., Geological exploration company


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Legal data

  1. 40103141648
  2. LV40103141648
  3. 11.11.1994
  4. Rīga, Brīvības gatve 362, LV-1006
  5. 2018


The company operates in the field of environmental sciences - carries out researches of subterranean depths, extraction of mineral resources, as well as rational use for the needs of the state and the population. The company provides a wide range of services in the fields of geological exploration, geotechnical research, geoecological research, water supply and land surveying. We offer complex solutions for each client in the field of interest. Works are carried out for both private and legal persons, municipalities and state institutions. The company employs competent specialists and ensures timely and qualitative execution of orders. Working since 1994 and accumulating years of experience, the company is also capable of performing complex, non-standard work in the industry. The company operates throughout Latvia. 


Water supply, bore-holes, borehole, geotechnics, natural resources,
soil analysis, geological works, quarry research, designing, geological research,
engineering geological research, geology, topography, spice, borehole drilling,
artesian bore, boreholes, artesian wells, artesian wells, artesian well installation,
assessment of environment ecological status, mineral deposit research,
sand, gravel, dolomite, peat, clay, shivers, gypsum, limestone, sapropel,
deposits, assessment of stock, stocks, quarries, quarry volumes,
volume calculations, engineering research, soil samples, ground deformation,
soil bearing capacity, pre-construction soil investigation, drilling of boreholes,
other geological services, surveying services, we work all over Latvia,
borehole making, water supply wells, artesian well boring, artesian well repair,
drilling works, static probing, topographical survey, measurement,
executive schemes, geodesy, surveying, cadastral survey, border surveying,
cartography, cartographer, borders, construction axis setting, construction axis,
executive measurements, free consultations in geology and water supply,
subsoil exploration, geotechnical research, geoecological research,
free advice in geology, geotechnical research for buildings, conclusions,
solutions, building basis inspection, consultations, mineral deposit exploration,
stock calculation, partially developed quarry inventory, mineral extraction projects,
construction of boreholes, borehole maintenance, water extraction wells construction,
borehole irrigation, repair and maintenance of borehole, disposal
and tamponage of borehole, drill documentation preparation, borehole services,
borehole drilling, borehole, water sample laboratory testing, drill
documentation preparation, cartography, geology services, gravel extraction,
sand mining, stone quarrying, deposit - stock evaluation, quarry volume calculations,
geodesy services, hydrogeological works, ground investigation before construction,
soil samples, land improvement system projects, surveying and designing services,
water drilling fitting, external water supply network construction,
internal plumbing and sewage network construction, water-pipe and sewerage,
artesian wells, water filter installation and maintenance, hole drilling
with diamond drills, waste water system installation, biological
purification plant construction, sedimentation wells and septic construction,
seepage field and drainage construction, rain wastewater system construction,
excavation and leveling services, well drilling, borehole installation,
water standpipe installation.

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