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Lādēni, Ltd., Heating boilers in Liepaja, Klāva Ukstiņa 25-2, Liepāja LV-3411 : companies :
Lādēni, Ltd., Heating boilers in Liepaja

Lādēni, Ltd., Heating boilers in Liepaja

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Pellet boiler
Solar collector
Heat pump
Solar batteries
Solar batteries


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About Ltd "Charges"

High quality at affordable prices. We carry out construction and repair works in both the private and public sector. We carry out construction, heating, plumbing and other works with a high sense of responsibility and quality mark.


We build from the ground up to the turnkey:

  • Structures
  • Concreting
  • Facade
  • Interior works
  • Roofs
  • Baths
  • Other works


We also offer:

  • Creation, installation, installation of water supply, plumbing, sewerage
  • Installation, creation and installation of heating systems, heating boilers, solar collectors, heat pumps and district heating systems
  • Installation of solar batteries and installation of electrical installations.



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technical maintenance, heat exchanger descaling, gas burner service. Gas supply, with work pressure up to 16 mbar, Gas equipment and node service. We conduct gas equipment operation specialist responsible duties in public utilities with the right to conduct gas-hazardous works, External and internal gas pipeline and on them existing device, ( MR, SGRP, filter, gas detector, regulator and other) technical maintenance, repair and replacement, We carry out gas-fired boiler and burner adjustment works for newly built boiler houses, with facility commissioning after complete verification, Ground heat. Heat from the ground, heat pump sale, heat pump installation and service. Heated floor installation, heating system assembly, Biological plant and sewage septic assembly. Plumbing, heating, heating boilers, heat energy, plumbing, installation, service, designing, renewable nature energy, alternative heating, ground heat, direct evaporation, evaporation, air, glycol, heating pumps, heat pump, heat pump, heat pump, heat pumps, heat pump, heat pumps, boilers, heat pump, pump, co2 probe, probes, boreholes, borehole, heated, heated, heated floors, warm. Alternative heating energy, alternative heating, alternative energy, solar energy. Solar heating, solar systems, solar batteries, renewable energy resource heating equipment, alternative energy heating equipment, solar batteries, solar collectors, heating pumps, solar heating systems, photovoltaic panels, solar energy. Solar batteries, solar energy, solar systems. Solar collectors, flat solar collectors, vacuum solar collectors, solar batteries, automatic systems, automatics, solar system, automatic for solar systems, Heated floor installation, heated floors, underfloor heating, Accumulation tanks, heating pumps, water pumps, liquid fuels, burners, rainwater. Plumbing works, plumbing, water pipes, water supply, meter replacement, filters, welder, welding, welding works. Engineering communications. boilers, automatics for boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, automatics, Flues, We design, we manufacture and assemble from stainless steel flues, Install chimneys has Latvian State Certificate. Metal chimneys, stainless steel chimneys, designing, trade, assembly. Chimney. Flue, flues. Flues can be ordered from ranila, whose tone can be adapted to building facade or roof. We also produce flue liners and ventilation systems. Free consultations for clients, plastering, tiling, gypsum board works. Various assembly and disassembly works, concreting works, bricklaying with bricks, fibo, expanded clay blocks, paving, all types of repair works, construction works in Liepaja, Kurzeme, In Latvia. Wooden packages, packets houses, house construction, production, floor foundation, foundation, concreting, concreting works, concrete floors, flooring works.