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Lat Čiek, LTD, Disinfestation, disinfection, rat extermination, Ogre, Ogre, Ogres nov. LV-5001 : companies :
Lat Čiek, LTD, Disinfestation, disinfection, rat extermination, Ogre

Lat Čiek, LTD, Disinfestation, disinfection, rat extermination, Ogre


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  2. 13.04.1993
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  4. Višķu iela 13 – 29, Rīga, LV-1057
  5. 2023

Disinfection and deratization

We will destroy rodents and insects, as well as disinfect the premises from viruses.

Free consultations, we also work on holidays with urgent trips.

We get rid of insects in 1 hour!



  • Disinfection
  • Rat extermination
  • Disinfestation



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