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LM Group buve, LTD

LM Group buve, LTD


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Our commitment to excellence has established us as a trusted partner among builders, contractors, architects and engineers. QUALITY Carefully selected materials and equipment to guarantee the highest quality, reliability and long-lasting functionality for all your construction needs. DURABILITY You can be sure of the durability and reliability of the construction materials we offer, they provide resistance to the traces of time and long-lasting efficiency.


Services of SIA LM Group:

  • Installation of roof trusses
  • Laying of vapor insulation
  • Installation of hidden rainwater drainage systems
  • Sales of Alujet protective membranes and construction products
  • Consultation on the most suitable construction for your roof
  • Roofing installation
  • Delivery


Roof construction solutions of SIA LM Group:

FREIMANS roof trusses, excellent experience in the market. Alujet German quality protective membranes and construction products. 20 years of experience in roof construction.



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