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Magnetiks, LTD, Bieķensalas 8, Rīga LV-1004 : companies :

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Motor cranes
Motor cranes
Motor cranes
Motor crane rental
Motor crane rental
Motor crane rental
Construction machinery


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Legal data

  1. 40103122717
  2. LV40103122717
  3. 03.05.1994
  4. 04.09.2003
  5. Bieķensalas iela 8, Rīga, LV-1004
  6. 2023

Motor crane rental

1994. the company was founded in "Magnetiks" is the official representative of the mobile crane Spierings in Latvia. The company offers lifting equipment rental. Customers are also offered the necessary equipment for construction work. The company's specialists will offer assistance in eliminating the consequences of an accident with a road crane, clear roofs of snow and icicles, and also help you load and unload cargo even in narrow conditions and at high altitudes.


Mobile tower crane Spierings SK 488-AT4, 1265-AT6. Official representative in Latvia. Speed 80 km per hour. Folds in 30 minutes. Cranes rental service. Mobile crane Latvia. Loading, unloading works in narrow conditions. Emergency response with a crane. TEREX-DEMAG AC55 55 tons. Roof cleaning from snow and icicles. Cargo loading, unloading at height - forests, trees.

Motor cranes:

  • Terex AC55 City boom 40m at reach 13.8 m
  • Spierings SK488-AT4
  • People lifting basket BK 500
  • People lifting basket BK 1000



Motorcrane rental.

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