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Gatis Matisons, chimneysweep, Jaunsaurieši, Balto Ķiršu 28, Salaspils pagasts, Salaspils nov. LV-2118 : companies :

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Chimney sweep Salaspils
Chimney sweeper Gatis Mathison
Chimney Sweep Ogre
Cleaning of flues
Chimney sweeper Riga


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Chimney cleaning

Certified chimney sweep Gatis Mathisons provides professional chimney cleaning services. Drives to the client within a radius of 70 km around Riga.


Information on chimney cleaning services and heating

  • Cleaning, repair of chimneys and ventilation ducts.
  • Chimney lining with stainless steel liners.
  • Advice on how often to clean the chimney.
  • Chimney cleaning act( for solid, liquid fuel) .
  • Chimney tar cleaning.
  • Compilation of acts on the technical condition of chimneys and ventilation ducts for solid and liquid fuels.


How often to clean the chimney?

The chimney or chimney fulfills an important function for the discharge of flue gases from heating devices and also for air exchange if the chimney also has ventilation channels. Regular cleaning is important not only for increasing the efficiency and longer service life of the boiler, but also for your safety. Local heating devices and chimneys must be cleaned once a year before or after the heating season, but long-burning heating devices even twice or more often. Signs that something is not in order are poor traction and smoking from heating devices. Decreases with heat quality.



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