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MG Alliance, LTD, Accountancy services, Outsourcing company, Hospitāļu 8-8a, Rīga LV-1013 : companies :
MG Alliance, LTD, Accountancy services, Outsourcing company

MG Alliance, LTD, Accountancy services, Outsourcing company

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License to work as an outsourced accountant
Accountancy, accountancy services, service, tax Financial Advice
Internal audit and control, international audit
Restoration of accounting and tax records
Preparation of source documents, their processing and submission to the tax service
License to work as an outsourced accountant


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  3. "Luminor Bank", AS
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  5. 12.02.2007
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The main direction of our outsourcing company is accounting services, accounting support, accounting services, internal audit and control, international audit, balance sheet transfer and legal services. Our specialists have extensive experience in accounting services, updating accounting and tax records. We provide the highest quality of provided services and a complex approach to problem solving. Experience in the provision of accounting services will help to find a way out in a variety of situations. You are creating the future for a successful business today!

The accounting company serves companies related to construction, architecture, design, as well as medical institutions. private medical institutions, private practices of doctors.


Offered outsourcing services

  • Tax and financial advice
  • Accountancy services
  • Internal audit and control
  • International audit
  • Legal services
  • Balance transfer
  • Restoration of accounting and tax records
  • Tax optimization
  • Preparation of source documents



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