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MK Būvniecība, LTD, Lauku 31/35, Liepāja LV-3411 : companies :

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MK Construction
MK Construction
MK Construction
MK Construction
MK Construction
MK Construction
MK Construction
MK Construction
MK Construction


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Legal data

  1. 42103060985
  2. LV42103060985
  3. 28.06.2012
  4. Lauku iela 31/35, Liepāja, LV-3411
  5. 2021


LTD "MK Construction" is a fast growing and promising construction company, founded in 2012. with the aim of offering its customers quality construction services. We perform various types of construction work and our goal is to continuously develop, build and create products that meet the wishes and needs of our customers, so we perform all the work entrusted to us with a high sense of responsibility.


Construction, roof change, roof repair, window repair, window replacement,
door repair, door replacement, plumbing, heating, ventilation repairs,
interior finishing works, facade repairs, insulation, facade insulation, electrical installation work, reconstruction of electrical installations, waterproofing installation and insulation, floor and ceiling repair, change, engineering communications service, building insulation in Liepaja,
Liepaja, roof replacement in Liepaja, Kurzeme. Construction companies, construction company.
From foundation to key. Project management, interior finishing works,
facades, facade repairs, renovation, renovation, all type of construction,
building plinth insulation, attic ceiling insulation. Roof insulation, basement insulation, roof covering change.
Heating system reconstruction works. Renovation of the building.