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MMOM, LTD - production of WOODEN MODULAR HOUSES, trade, construction, installation, "Priedes" , Saulkrastu pagasts, Saulkrastu nov., LV-2160 : companies :
MMOM, LTD - production of WOODEN MODULAR HOUSES, trade, construction, installation

MMOM, LTD - production of WOODEN MODULAR HOUSES, trade, construction, installation

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Freja wooden modular houses
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Modular or panel houses

We produce all-season wooden modular or panel houses using ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY materials, creating minimal waste.
Houses can LIVE FASTER compared to conventional construction. Production takes up to 4 months. Depends on the selected house project and size. A+ energy class houses, consuming LESS ENERGY. The house is insulated with PAROC stone wool and nature-friendly WOOD FIBER. Paroc products are fireproof. Both products play a vital role in the fight against climate change. About 40% of human-caused gas emissions come from buildings.
The production technology used in the factory allows QUICK AND QUALITATIVE production of houses, then delivering them to the plot, quick installation WITHOUT EXCESSIVE NOISE AND WASTE.
MMOM houses can be placed in almost any environment - urban or rural, mountainous or flat. They CAN ADAPT to the terrain of YOUR plot of land.


All types of construction services:

  • project development,
  • architect services,
  • 3D modeling,
  • restoration,
  • full cycle construction,
  • foundation building,
  • construction of heating systems,
  • installation of windows and doors,
  • internal affairs,
  • outside work,
  • home furnishing


You are looking for a reliable and experienced construction company? Feel free to contact us!



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