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MN PRO, LTD, Dzelzavas 67-27, Rīga LV-1084 : companies :


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  3. 10.03.2020
  4. 10.03.2020
  5. Dzelzavas iela 67 – 27, Rīga, LV-1084


We are making an existing flat( ruberoid, modified bitumen roll material, etc) roof dismantling, repair works, including:

  • installation of thermal insulation;
  • new roofing( with or without thermal insulation) construction throughout the territory of Latvia;
  • installation of a water drainage system, installation of tin finishing components, installation of safety barriers and roofing ventilation;
  • roof( shops, warehouses, residential and industrial buildings) clearing of snow and ice.

The masters will perform quality roofing and tinsmith work. We give a guarantee for the work done, we meet the set deadlines. We invite cooperation!



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