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MPP tehnika, LTD, "Ozolaine", Tīnūžu pagasts, Ogres nov., LV-5015 : companies :


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  5. "Ozolaine", Tīnūžu pag., Ogres nov., LV-5015


The company is engaged in the production and installation of pneumatic transport and aspiration equipment and is looking for new opportunities not only in the Latvian but also in the Baltic market. The goal is to become the largest manufacturer of pneumatic transport and aspiration equipment, continuing to strengthen its position in the Latvian market, as well as specialize in its industry, which allows existing and potential customers to rely on our recommendations.


Chip extraction systems, Saw dust ventilators, chip extractor fan, Industrial ventilators, Dust collectors, Dust separators, air duct systems, Dust extractors, Ventilators, industrial ventilators, flow dividers, sluice gate, bolts, cyclones, painting chambers, material storage, sleeve filters, filter, clean air fan,
air fan with belt transmission, centrifugal air ventilator, dust ventilator, ventilators, cone collector, floor hood, confuser, confusers, flanges, hose clips, electrically controlled throttle,
manually controlled throttle, SAB type lock shutter, flaps, SAP shutter, CU type dust separators, CS type dust separator, CK type dust separator, FSS grinding wall. KSK-0, 9 painting chamber, KSK-1. 8 painting chamber. Wood, technological waste, dry sawdust, dust PK-type storage. SKAIDU VENTILATORS, saw dust ventilators,
dust fans, tRANSPORTA VENTILATORS, transport ventilators, centrifugal ventilator, industrial ventilator, industrial ventilators, clean air fan, clean air fans, Chip filter, chip filtration, chip industrial filters, JET filter, chain Filter, dust filter, sleeve filter, bag filter, Air filtration unit,
pneumo-transport, aspiration, aspiration systems, cyclone, dust separator, auger, auger screw conveyor, chain conveyor, chip storage, SILO, spray booth, painting wall, cardboard filter, dust separators, air duct system, material storage, material conveyor, chip and dust extraction equipment, filtering equipment, material conveyors. Chip extraction equipment, systems, dust collectors, Particle filters, Chip extraction system solutions, production, assembly, installation, JET filters, chain filters, dust filters, sleeve filters, bag filters, cyclones, dust separators, auger screw conveyors, chain conveyors, chip storage, silos, painting chambers, painting walls, cardboard filters.