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NAGLIS & ERR, LTD, Uzvaras prospekts 1c, Baloži, Ķekavas nov., LV-2128 : companies :

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OKUMA precision metalworking
AMADA sheet processing equipment


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  1. LV50003898831
  2. 15.02.2007
  3. Uzvaras prospekts 1C, Baloži, Ķekavas nov., LV-2128
  4. 2022


Complex technical solutions in the metalworking industry. Our specialists have been working in the sale and maintenance of metalworking equipment for more than twenty years. Combining accumulated knowledge and previous international experience, in 2007. we created a company in "Naglis & Err", whose technical solutions are currently chosen by the leading metalworking companies in the Baltics.,



Workbench repair service, lathes for metal, Metalworking workbenches, tools. Japan, OKUMA, AMADA, OKAMOTO, Brother, Metalworking equipment repair, service. Installation. Training. Production automation. Milling work table, equipment, for milling, milling, turning. Laser cutting. Coordinate cutting. Bending. Guillotine. Bandsaws, Bandsaw, Blades, band saw, circular saw, for metal, circular saws, bandsaws, for metalworking. Laser cutting, guillotines.