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NOVA Rent, LTD, Dravnieku 9, Lielvārde, Ogres nov. LV-5070 : companies :

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Challenger Rogator 645C Self-propelled sprayer rental sales service
Claas Lexion 760 rental combine wheel sale service
Claas Lexion 780TT rental combine chain sale service
JCB 542-70 telescopic loader, rental, sale, service
John Deere 6250R 6R250 tractor rental sales service
John Deere 8370R 8R370 rental sales service
John Deere 8400R 8R400 rental, sale, tractor service
John Deere SPFH 8400i grass chopper rental, sale, repair
Colored tractor repair alternative spare parts rental service
New Holland CR990 harvester rental, sale, repair
New Holland T7270 AC rental sales repair


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  2. +371 23375004
  3. +371 28080466
  4. +371 20773337


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  3. 24.01.2023
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  5. Dravnieku iela 9, Lielvārde, Ogres nov., LV-5070


LTD "NOVA Rent" is a company in the fields of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, road construction machinery, which rents and sells used agricultural machinery, construction machinery, road construction machinery and supplies spare parts. Provides technical service services. LTD "NOVA Rent" the headquarters is located in Kaunas, we provide services throughout Latvia and beyond its borders. We have been successfully selling agricultural machinery for export to more than 15 European and Asian countries for several years.

  • Spare parts
    We offer our customers a wide range of spare parts for tractors and combines: John Deere, Claas, Case, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Fendt, Valtra and other manufacturers, as well as agricultural implement equipment and construction machinery equipment. Each of our customers will find spare parts for their needs here, as we offer original manufacturer spare parts and also high-quality alternative spare parts at competitive prices.
  • Service service
    We offer agricultural machinery repair in a professionally equipped repair base, as well as on-site service, post-season breakdown and maintenance, maintenance service. A wide range of spare parts is available on site, which ensures fast and prompt service response time. We are confident in our experience, so in the event that we do not repair the damage, you will not have to pay for the visit or for the working hours consumed. Try it and see for yourself!
  • Sale and rental
    For customers looking for used agricultural machinery, "NOVA Rent" SIA will help you find solutions and supply you with a combine harvester, tractor, various agricultural implements, according to your needs. We also sell construction machinery and equipment: mini excavators, excavators, vibratory rollers, bulldozers, front loaders and graders. We rent all types of agricultural and construction machinery that meet the needs and wishes of the client. Our rental equipment and equipment for sale are ready for work. We provide full service for rental equipment, and service during the warranty period for sold equipment. We offer service after the warranty period.


We are trading, fROM HOME, wE ARE REPAIRING, maintenance for agricultural machinery, for construction machinery, for road construction equipment:

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Cereal threshing technique
  • Telescopic loaders
  • Communal equipment
  • Forestry machinery
  • Garden equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Road construction equipment
  • Little used equipment
  • Used machinery
  • Spare parts



  • Machinery rental
  • Equipment trade
  • Service service
  • Spare parts
  • Buying equipment
  • Technical assistance in sales
  • Sale of agricultural aggregates
  • Sale of technical components / accessories



Construction machinery, Road construction equipment, Garden equipment, Spare parts, Used machinery.

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motordrive spare parts, spare parts for motorcycles, grain trailers, tractor repair, shredders, tractor equipment. humidity measuring devices, measuring devices. agricultural management systems for precision land cultivation. Navigation systems for farmers. Seeding-machine. FlexCart seed-fertilizer multi-trailer. Kverneland universal seeder U-Drill, trailed mechanical seed drills KVERNELAND MC-drill, pneumatic seed drills I-drill, S-drill, DA, OPTMA, TS-EVO. Forage preparation machinery for cattle-breeding. Feed dividers, mixers SILOKING. Mower rotor winders, rake tedders, rakes. hay presses with variable, fixed camera. Bale wrappers Kverneland. Stacking-loading equipment. QUICKE front loaders are suitable for all Quicke tractors, ( Sweden) representative since 2003. annual. Manure forks, roller clamps, pallet forks, silage forks, Big Bag hooks. Schä ffer, ( Deutz Turbo Common Rail, Kubbota engines from 50-80 ZS) loaders for compact class agriculture, for cattle-breeding, for gardening, for fruit production, for communal farms. Plant protection sprayers. Self-propelled sprayers AGRIFAC Condor; KVERNELAND mounted sprayers RAU-IXTER, trailed sprayers IKARUS S, iXtrack A, iXtrack B, iXtrack C, ( compact design, low center of gravity. Spacious tank: from 2400 l to 5000 l. Mowing equipment. Spearhead StarCut, MULTI CUT, TWIGA mulchers rugaines, for lawn mowing, for ditch mowing, for pasture care, care of overgrown areas, ( power lines) . Trailers, semi-trailers. WIELTON AGRO, GÜ STROWE, ( Germany) offers qualitative semi-trailer grain, fertilizer, seed, straw rolls, silage, for transportation of animals. Semitrailers for bulk products, hay rolls. Classic, two-axis, pRS 3-way type 2-axle agricultural trailer with 6 - 14T lifting capacity for bulk loads, Tandem axle type trailers, hay and straw bales and bale towing platforms, tipper trailers Halfpipe. Two-axis agricultural platform PRS-2S/S9 and PRS-2S/S12. Designed hay and straw rolls, for the transport of bales and, in certain cases, long horizontal loads. Lifting capacity 9T and 12, 5t. Folding endboard system allows to increase platform length. By installing vertical posts on the platform as a stop, can carry BigBag bags. Fertilizing equipment. JEANTIL ENO FIRST EPAN fertilizer, manure spreader, spreaders, ( 10-15m3) ( 14-23m3) professional 23-27 m3 volume and 16 - 20 t load capacity. Slurry barrel, tank Jeantil Gti volume from 4 500 to 10 500 liters, 8 500 to 24 000 liters. Single-axle, two-axle, three-axle tanks. Spreader spray width from 9-13m. Mineral fertilizer spreaders. Kverneland Exacta TLX GEOSPREAD, Exacta EL, CL, CL-EW, HL, TL-GEO. High-end Isobus system fertilizer spreader with automatic weighing and calibration system - weighs material in the hopper, the data is compared to the set seed rate and according calibration. Refueling tanks, storage tanks. Double wall tanks are made of MDPE polyethylene, for diesel fuel, heating fuels, kerosene storage. Available models are with volume: 2500 l, 3500 l, 5000 l, 7500 l and 10 000 l. SWIMER fuel storage tanks comply with PN-EN 13341 standard. IRRIMEC irrigation systems, lawn, ganību, gardening, for fruit-growing livestock farms
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