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ONRO, LTD, Sitas 2, Rīga, LV-1073 : companies :

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Portable pulse oximeter
cooler bag
Ultrasonic humidifier
Disinfectant wipes


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  5. Sitas iela 2 – 169, Rīga, LV-1073

About the company

LTD "ONRO" offers a wide range of medical and laboratory materials for the operation and equipment of hospitals, clinics, medical centers, laboratories, beauty salons, private practices. We also pay a lot of attention to individuals who can purchase medical supplies, equipment, mobility aids, rehabilitation supplies and other important things to improve the quality of life.


Medical goods shop:

  • Medical goods wholesale
  • Medical supplies and instruments
  • Laboratory goods and equipment
  • Technical aids
  • Military goods
  • Surgical supplies
  • Medical clothes
  • Rehabilitation goods
  • Physiotherapy products
  • Occupational therapy goods
  • Gynecology products
  • Dental materials, goods and equipment
  • Beauty salon equipment and supplies
  • Medical furniture
  • Scales and gauges
  • Paper and paper products
  • Washing and cleaning products



Medicine, syringes, needles, systems, i/v catheters, needles for spinal anesthesia, IV. Catheters, hypodermic needles, hypodermic safety needles sterile, Venous catheters, butterfly catheters, Insulin syringes, syringe, 3 components, without a needle, syringes, 3 components, with a needle, constrictors, safety containers, medical furniture, stool, worktops and drawers, drawers on trolleys and their equipment, sink, stainless steel carts, couchettes and their accessories, viewing chairs, beds, night tables, bed mattresses and pillows, stretchers, chairs, computer-chairs, waiting room chairs, lounge chairs, infusion stands and accessories, cabinets, operating tables, wall mount or curtains, shades and curtains, wall mounts, special trolleys, mayo stroller, Linen trolley, Tools, patient care, pocket watches, Devices against insects and poisonous bites, absorbing bedspreads, Postpartum kits, Plastic and cardboard products, Diapers, Sterilization, Vertical autoclaves and accessories, sterilization containers and their accessories, ultrasonic cleaners, Dry hot air sterilizers, dry hot air sterilizers, Bags and rolls, Sterilization tests, Thermal insulation machines and their accessories, Dermatology, Gynaecology, maternity kits, navel scissors, umbilical cord clamps, Identifikācijas aproces, AMNIOTIC PERFORATOR, cups for hysterography, Gynecological curettes, Shovels, brushes and collectors, cotton swabs, glass slides and cytology fixative, Gynecological couches, gynecological mirrors, gynecological covers, probes, Amniocentesis needles, condoms doppler, for the echograph probe, Obstetric stethoscopes, RUBBER-SILICON PESSARY, Ovulation tests, Dopplers, Pregnancy disc, pregnancy tests, Fetal monitors, cardiotocographs, Colposcopes, IUD, disposable instruments, Anoscopes/ proctoscopes, For family doctors, BLOOD PRESSURE METERS, Medical diagnostic lights, Constrictors, Thermometers, Digital thermometers, Ear and forehead thermometers, ecological thermometers, which does not contain mercury, Non-contact thermometers, Histology, HISTOLOGY CASSETTES, HISTOLOGY CONTAINERS, Cardiology, Surgery, Surgical drapes, Scalpels and scalpel blades, SURGICAL TAPES, instruments, Scissors, Tongs, Application of surgical sutures, Shavers, Biopsy punches and skin curettes, Surgical kits, Incision films, Electrosurgery, Ophthalmology, Ophthalmic covers, Vision tables, Orthopedics, ORTHOPEDIC INSTRUMENTS, Orthopedic covers, Otolaryngology, Podology, Ultrasonography, Medical bags/first aid kits, Stainless steel tableware, Medical lamps/lighting, veterinary, Tools, Test strips, thermometers, Urology, Urological covers, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, First aid, Medicine cabinets and medicine cabinet accessories, Stretcher accessories, Head immobilizers, Immobilization belts, Stretchers, supports, Spinal immobilizers, Hot and cold treatments, Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation masks, Resuscitation masks and bags, Oxygen cylinders and pressure reducers, Optics, ECG gels and sprays, Diagnostic accessories, Thermometers, Tongue depressants, Lancets, triglyceride, cholesterol, glucose test kits, Hearing diagnostics, stethoscopes/phonendoscopes and their accessories, Urine strips, Spirometers, Alcohol testers, Oximeters, Blood pressure meters/Tonometers, Dressing materials and wound care products, Gypsum bandages, SURGICAL TAPE, Neuromuscular tapes, Network links, Fabric tapes, Elastic bandages, Patches, Sterile patches, Leukoplast in a roll, Pain patches, SEMI-RIGID PADS, Self-adhesive elastic bandages, Gauze, Gauze bandages, Detention Sheets, Napkins/Watt/Lignin, Anti-burn products, Rehabilitation and care technique, Compression socks, Bath products, Support aids, Exercise equipment, Toilet chairs and wheelchairs, Wheelchairs, THE NEONATAL CRADLE, Plaster walking shoes, Orthopedic bandages, Anti-sleep mattresses and pillows, Aids, Lifts and aids, Splints and collars, Laboratory, Laboratory glassware, MICROSCOPE SLIDE FIXERS AND PASTES, Pipettes, Microscope slides, Microscope coverslips, Single-use sperm counting chambers, Plastic laboratory materials, Microbiological loops, Microtiter plates, Mucus aspirators, DozatRS and dispenser SYRINGES, SEROLOGY/PASTEUR PIPETTES, Accessories for quick tests, STERILE AND NON-STERILE COTTON TAMPONS, Petri dishes, ESR. System, SAMPLE COLLECTION SYSTEM AND ACCESSORIES, MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUMENTATION PRODUCTS, Pipette tips, Pipette tips, Pipette tips without filter in box, Pipette tips with filter in a box, BOXES AND TRAYS FOR STORAGE OF MICROSCOPE SLIDES, Sanitary products, SAMPLE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM, Pharmacy products, Timers and stopwatches, Washing bottles, "VOID" labeling stickers, Labels and bars, Tweezers and syringes, Different types of patches, gloves, Personal protective equipment "IPD", vaginal window, Bottles for water sampling, Protective containers for needles and sharps, Blood collection system and accessories, small volume drawing of test tubes for toddlers, Micro test, Vacuum barrels VACUTEST, Vacuum barrel needles, Vacu test accessories, Tubes, "Emotest" test tubes with K3 EDTA AR Automatic analyzer, FOR CEREBRAL COAGULATION, BRAIN AND MICRO TEST RACK, BARS WITH SCREW CAPS, BOOTS WITH TWO-POSITION CLOSURE, BRIDE WITH A RING, GIRLS WITHOUT A RING, SERUM STORAGE BOX, COVER OF THE TEMPERATURE, CUP WITH CAP AND LABEL, Urine collection system and accessories, URINE CONTAINERS, FOR TEMPERATURE URINE, URINE ACCESSORIES, UNIVERSAL URINE CONTAINERS, Slides for urine sediment, Diagnostic tests, Dentistry, Dentistry tools, Disinfection, Antibacterial carpets, Hand disinfection, Disinfection of surfaces/instruments, Surface and equipment disinfectants - BIOCIDES, Surface disinfectants( napkins), Surface and instrument disinfectants( ready to use), Surface and instrument disinfectants( concentrated), Alcohol swabs, Dez. means dispensers, Skin disinfectants, Protective clothing, In medicine, Footwear, Gloves, Fingers, Cotton gloves, GLOVE DISPENSERS, Nitrile gloves, Latex gloves, Vinyl gloves, Goggles, Protective overalls, Disposable clothing, Cotton garment, Face masks, Headwear, Swabs, Paper products, Sanitary products, Toilet paper, Thermal paper, Hand towels, napkins, Industrial paper, Beauty care, Tools, Mesotherapy, Medical equipment, Laboratory equipment, Silicone tubes, Centrifuges, NEBULISERS/INHALERS, Analyzers, Other analyzers and accessories, Urine analyzers, Laryngoscopes and their accessories, Dopplers, RESPIRATORY DEVICES, ECG, monitors and ultrasound, ABPM blood pressure monitor, Finger oximeters, Infusion pumps and accessories, Patient monitor Vital Sign and accessories, Aspiration pumps, MICROPIPETTES WITH FIXED AND ADJUSTABLE VOLUME, Defibrillators and accessories, Pulse oximeters and capnography units, Inner-tubes, Automatic pipettes/dispensers and their accessories, Air purifiers, Oxygen concentrators, Laryngeal masks, oxygen cylinders, Pneumatic and digital tourniquets, Washing/Cleaning products, Other detergents, Floor washing products, Surface cleaning products, Cleaning products for sanitary facilities, textile cleaning agents, scales, Measuring instruments, Medical baby scales, Medical measuring instruments and pulsometers, Body fat analyzers and plyometers, Physiotherapy/Sports, Exercise tapes, Exercise loops, Exercise tubes, Gymnastics mats, Massage balls and pillows, Exercise balls, Hand, finger, wrist gymnasts, Magnetotherapy, Ultrasound therapy, Electrotherapy and iontophoresis, Tecar therapy, Laser therapy, Air compression therapy, Electric Muscle Stimulators( Teni), For beauty and well-being, ANCHIALO products, Dummies, Mulage.