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Long-term forest management
Forest inventory
Forest transformation
Forest inventory costs
Deforestation of agricultural land
Forest land transformation
Forest inventory services
Forest administration
Forests plants
Forest inventory performers
Deforestation services
Forest land transformation rules
Forest land conversion
Forest administration
Restoration of forest land


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About the company

PALUS deals with long-term forest management. We have calculated that a properly managed forest brings up to 5 times more income to the forest owner in the long term than an unmanaged forest. We know that Dreams grow on trees. We are fascinated by complex situations, non-standard solutions, science projects and innovations. It is important for us to manage the forest thoughtfully and ensure long-term value growth. The company was founded in 2016. in which professionals with more than ten years of experience and unique knowledge in forest economic work have joined together.


Our services:

  • Forest inventory
  • Forest administration( A team of professional appraisers will help you perform the highest quality appraisal) .
  • Preparation of felling sites( We will prepare the felling using the most modern technologies) .
  • Logging( We offer logging services, as well as buy logs) .
  • Reforestation( We offer restoration of deforested areas, recommending the best solution in each situation) .
  • Young stand care( This is a way to effectively improve the future value of the forest by leaving the most valuable sticks) .
  • Attracting EU funding to forestry
  • Deforestation/forest transformation



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