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Pantra, SIA, "Lapsiņas" , Dzērbenes pagasts, Cēsu nov., LV-4118 : companies :

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Digging works
Pond digging

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Legal data

  1. 44103118351
  2. LV44103118351
  3. 30.08.2018
  4. 30.08.2018
  5. "Lapsiņas", Dzērbenes pag., Cēsu nov., LV-4118

Logging and excavator services

Digging of ponds, cleaning of ponds, leveling of embankments, construction of roads, preparation of construction sites, construction of dams-manicures( reinforced concrete), construction of water locks, special swamp excavator services, ditch digging-cleaning, leveling services.,

Timber carrier service, we develop, we buy felling sites. Purchases overgrowth, frees agricultural land from bushes, clears fields from bushes-stumps, cultivates young stands, attenuation of young stands, plant forest.

Chopped firewood for sale.



  • Logging
  • Pond digging
  • Pond cleaning
  • Improvement works
  • Firewood sale
  • Excavator services



Young stand care, Forestation, Pond digging, Purchase of forest properties.

Caring for young trees Cēsis, reforestation, reforestation in Vidzeme, spruce planting, spruce tree planting, forest planting, shrub sawing, shrub cutting, clearing the land of bushes, forest cutting, Excavator services, tow truck services Cēsis, pond digging and cleaning, drainage systems and hydraulic structures, purchase of felling areas, buys felling grounds in Vidzeme, purchase of forest properties, logging services, logging in Vidzeme, drainage systems, construction of drainage system, pond digging, pond digging, sluices, manufacture of pond dams, excavation works, bush cutting, chip, excavation works, cleaning up of agricultural land, road construction, road construction, logging services Cesis, logging services in Vidzeme, selling forests, buys forest, forest, buys wood waste in the forest, felling residues, branches in felling areas. Pantra SIA, Cēsu district, Dzērbenes parish.