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  1. 40003112002
  2. LV40003112002
  3. 22.01.1993
  4. Rīga, Vienības gatve 109, LV-1058
  5. 2018


Paroc group is an international stone wool insulation manufacturer. Our head office is located in Finland, we have factories in five countries and representations in 14 countries. Paroc has been developing and improving its manufacturing technology since the 1930s. Today we are the leading supplier of insulation materials in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States. Our products with the brand name PAROC and the easily recognizable red-and-white striped packaging include thermal insulation of buildings, technical and shipbuilding insulation, sandwich three-layer panels and acoustic insulation products. In 2018, Paroc joined company Owens Corning. Owens Corning develops, manufactures and sells insulation materials, roofing and fiberglass composite materials. 


Heat insulation materials, Construction materials, Building structures,
rock wool, PAROC, Paroc passive house, Paroc passive house concept,
energy efficiency, climate changes, energy efficiency assessment,
building energy efficiency, building project, energy-efficient renovation,
energy-efficient industrial processes, fireproof renovation, risk management,
fire-resistant materials, flame retardant construction materials,
protection against fire, home protection against fire, room acoustics,
sound absorption, sound-proofing, system generated noise, sound absorption
classification, construction thermal insulation, mechanical properties of materials,
longevity, mineral wool fiber safety, building material emission classification,
REACh regula, Latvian Building Regulations, EU contributing factors,
impact on society, green building standards, green building labels,
european regulations, checking systems, exploitation, building operation,
fireproof building, safe house, economic building, energy-efficient building,
technical insulation, fire, sound, roof heat insulation, wall thermal insulation,
ceiling thermal insulation, floor thermal insulation, primers, heat insulation,
ventilation insulation, air conditioning insulation, thermal insulation
according to special customer requirements, airtightness, water resistance,
fire protection of metal structures, corrugated steel sheets, concrete
covering fire protection, fire-resistant cladding, fireproof hallways,
hidden area fire protection, cavity fire protection, cavity fire protection,
shaft fire protection, HVAC fire safety in family house, chimney fire safety,
hearth fire safety, fire protection partitions, roof construction fire protection,
attic fire protection, floor lintel fire protection, energy-efficient
industrial processes, quality, qualitative materials from Finland,
professionalism, professional help in building construction, insulation materials,
high quality insulation materials, building insulation materials,
technical heat insulation materials, ship insulation materials, sandwich-type
three-layer panels, acoustic insulation products.

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