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PM Plus', LTD, foundation master, Šmerļa 1, Rīga LV-1006 : companies :
PM Plus', LTD, foundation master

PM Plus', LTD, foundation master

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Wooden frame houses
Screw pile installation
Screw piles
Construction works
Delivery of screw piles
Terraces and sheds
Construction of powered reinforced concrete pile foundations
Static and dynamic testing of screw piles
Band-shaped foundation
Screw piles in wooden houses
Warm wooden houses
Construction of classic concrete piles
Terrace construction
Concrete piles


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Basic works, offered by the company PM PLUS

Production and assembly of screw piles. We produce screw piles based on the customer's project or determine the parameters of the screw piles ourselves, depending on the type of soil and the required bearing capacity. We have many years of experience, so we can offer good quality, price and also short lead times. We offer screw piles of round and angular profile, of various diameters and thicknesses with a load capacity of one pile up to 20t. The basic price of screw piles depends on the load of the structure, the type of soil and the location of the object. Screw piles are used as foundations for residential buildings, terraces, footbridges, as well as marine containers and mobile English houses. Please call for a consultation or send an e-mail requesting an estimate.


Additional works, offered by the company PM PLUS

We perform local sewerage and water supply network construction works for private houses. Biological treatment systems; septic systems; construction of reservoirs and infiltration systems. We install equipment only with a CE certificate. Free inspection of the object and preparation of an estimate before the start of work.


Wooden building construction

Construction of wooden frame extensions, terraces, saunas and other buildings



Screw pile foundations.

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