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"Preime", Ltd., A.Paulāna 3a, Preiļi, Preiļu n., LV-5301 : companies :

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Property surveying, land-use planning


  1. +371 65322090
  2. +371 28348241

Working time

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  • Mon830-1230, 1330-1730
  • Tue830-1230, 1330-1730
  • Wed830-1230, 1330-1730
  • Thu830-1230, 1330-1730
  • Fri830-1230, 1330-1730
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Legal data

  1. 13.11.2000
  2. Preiļu nov., Preiļi, Liepu iela 9-19, LV-5301
  3. 2019
  4. 6


Ltd. "Preime" was founded in 2000. Our economic activity is based on the provision of surveying services for both private individuals and legal entities. We carry out cadastral survey of land borders, division of property, topographic surveying and the development of a topographic plan at various scales. In addition, we are also engaged in the provision of cartographic services, mainly producing cartographic materials for local government spatial plans. At present, the company employs 18 people. The company has six SOKKIA electronic tachymeters, equipped with all the necessary additional equipment for the successful completion of the assigned tasks. The office is equipped with the necessary hardware, which is provided with licensed software. For the purpose of cartography and topographical plans, the company specialist is equipped with a large format plotter. 


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