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Priežavoti, LTD, Zinātnes 19, Sigulda, Siguldas nov. LV-2150 : companies :

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Woodworking works
Board trade
Sale of timber materials
Sawn timber


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Legal data

  1. 40003463887
  2. LV40003463887
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV63HABA0019408047762
  5. 13.10.1999
  6. 22.03.2004

About us

SIA "Priežavoti" was founded on October 13, 1999. SIA "Priežavoti" operates in industries - sawn timber production and construction of private houses in its New Project villages.
Since 1999, SIA "Priežavoti" has been producing for the local market and exporting a wide range of softwood lumber - green, dried and planed, as well as packing boards, chips and shavings.
SIA "Priežavoti" in 2003 starts development in the construction industry and develops a new private house village project in Mārupe. From 2006 the development of the new project private house village “Priežavoti” near Salaspils with 270 building plots in a quiet, sunlit forest in Bajari, Salaspils parish.


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