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  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV70HABA0551002270594
  5. 17.01.2002
  6. Rīga, Ūdens iela 12-117, LV-1007

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  13. 2020. gada 31. augustam
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Ltd. "Projekts 3" is a design company founded on 17 January 2002 with the aim of creating a strong, competitive capable engineering team in development of transport infrastructure and to it related utilities projects. During ten years, the company has established an experienced and stable collective, in which are employed certified engineers of various profiles, as well as currently studying, future engineers. The company has established a good cooperation with both public and private sector clients. Ltd. "Projekts 3" has extensive experience in roads, streets, bridges, overpasses and associated utilities design. During company's operation have been developed both country's main roads and bridges as well as local and regional roads and bridges, city street as well as house and parish road projects. The company has also participated in road and bridge feasibility study project development. 


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