"RED serviss", Ltd., Diamond drilling, Construction works

"RED serviss", Ltd., Diamond drilling, Construction works


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Terminator Baltic Ltd. offers various construction materials cutting service with professional diamond technology. Diamond Cutting. Construction and repair, apartment and house redevelopment projects - all at the highest level! 


Hole cutting in walls and floors. Drilling in concrete. Sawing of concrete,
ferro-concrete cutting with dust-free diamond tools. Concrete, granite drilling.
Concrete, granite sawing. Diamond drilling, drilling of building structures.
Diamond Cutting. Hole drilling and blade cutting. Waterproofing,
waterproofing works, injection. Injection - strengthening of walls.
Concrete floor processing, floor milling, floor sanding, floor drainage.
Construction. Apartment re-planning. Simplified renovation. Polished concrete floors.
Concrete floor polishing. Concrete floors. Dismantling works. Reconstruction.
Repair of diamond crowns. Diamond segment welding. Apartment expansion.
Repair works. Construction works.

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